The following "QUOTES" are from Vladimir, dedicated to his paintings.

Caught up in this world

"Sometimes we get tangled up in problems and lose the connection between ourselves and our beautiful planet Earth."

Colors Washed by Nature

"We live in a world full of color, everything that has color attracts us, excites us, makes us vibrate, we love it!"  


“The conservation of our ecosystems and nature is in our hands, if we do not do it, we are going to leave it to our new generations. Let's be part of the planet ” 

Glacier Reflections

"As I watched the Perito Moreno Glacier repeatedly surge into the sky with its massive ice mass, I couldn't help but be enchanted by its reflections and mysterious allure."

Perito Moreno Glacier 1

"An icy wonderland sculpted by nature's hand, Perito Moreno Glacier stands in frozen grandeur, a breathtaking sight to behold."

Between Earth and Sky

"Everything has a place between earth and sky. The earth lives its hidden magic, and the sky, the breeze and the wind, encourage us to dream."

Beneath the Horizon

“Below the horizon, our beautiful land is shown. Every day at dawn we have a new world to discover." 

Ascending from the Hidden Lake

"The hidden lake ascends, the wind gently stirs its surface murmuring its melody, the sun covers it with a fiery embrace that shakes the lake and the earth, the colors shine and push with joy into my heart and my life." (VT)

Autumnal fall equinox

"The trees that break and crack in autumn indicate a dry climate.
The autumn equinox has been a day of celebration for cultures since ancient times. People followed the transitions of Earth's journey around the Sun."

The Fog

"In some cases life is like when you enter the fog, the colors fade, but when you leave you can see the road, the landscape itself, its colors."

Mysteries of Nature

"Through an intimate connection with the mysteries of nature, we discover a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us".

Autumn Reflections

"Leaves falling, colors changing, autumn's beauty in reflection."

Nature In Motion

"Nature is the place in movement where we are surrounded by mysteries, magic and wonders that speaks to us through its landscapes."

Dissipative Nature

"Nature, despite its inevitable loss and evolution towards disorder, has the remarkable ability to create order through its far-from-equilibrium systems." 

Reflections of the Rainbow

You have to look up to bathe in joy when you see the reflections of the rainbow"

Tree of Life

"Ecological sensitivity and gratitude, love for nature and the environment, if we do not attend to it, it could leave us forever"

Nature in Resilience

“Nature that adapts to adverse situations, heals her wounds and shapes her present. It is in our hands to help her "

The Nature and Water

"In nature, water is the driving force that moves it, water is the engine of life" 

Water in Motion

"The Iguazú Falls, its magic is in the movement of the water, a wonder of nature."

Colorful Thoughts of Nature

"The colors of nature feed my soul." 

Hidden Nature

"If our sensitivity towards nature were open, we would see the things it hides from us" 

Resplendent Nature

“The resplendent nature, its majesty, its brilliance, give life to the palette knife to add color to the canvas."

Secrets of Nature

"Secrets of nature surrounded by a thick mist thatinspires to observe beyond anything superficial, fresh water, solid rock, reveal sensation, emotion infront of its beauty."


"Rapid waters, unstoppable force, a symphony of movement and sound. A reminder that even in chaos, there is beauty to be found."

Radiant Nature

“Nature today is not what it used tobe. Pollution under the ground and inthe sky, we can still save it."

Colors of Nature

"The color of our nature, the language of our planet earth."

"When I painted the colors of nature, I wanted the viewer to see the five elements - fire, earth, water, wood, and metal. Nature conveys to us a green meadow with trees, but it is also fire, water, and shares emotions - tranquility, joy, fear, freshness, and balance.

Route to a Better Planet

"Our planet is at risk and needs everyone's help! ​The path to a better planet is through awareness and better people." 

Abstract Nature

"Abstract nature speaks a language of its own, a symphony of colors, shapes, and textures that transcends words and invites us to simply be present and feel."


"The Freilejones: a testament to nature's resilience and the enduring spirit of life."


To look at reflections in the water is like seeing the present and then the past, it's to see the water carry with it what is reflected."  

Fluids (Liquida)

"Fluids are the water, the driving force of all nature”  


With the Covid we are like a swamp, stagnant!  

Marine Reef 1

"Frozen place where you can see the ice breaking and marine life emerging from the depths, accompanied by the reflections of the night."  

Mangrove 1

"Mangroves, an aquatic forest that is integral to our ecosystem, is a vital component of our planet. We all share this planet, so let's make a conscious effort to preserve our mangroves."  

​Cascade of Colors, Caldera de Taburiente

"The planet Earth, with its waters and colors, is my obsession and my life. It's hard not to add color to every sparkle."

River Colors of the Rainbow - Caño Cristales 2

"The planet Earth, with its waters and colors, is my obsession and my life. It's impossible not to add color to every sparkle." 

Tropical Rivers

"Rivers are places that elevate our feelings and emotions, they make us vibrate, they make us feel alive." 

Sunset, reflections in the moving water

"A sunset on the sea is incredibly beautiful; the more clouds in the sky, the more colorful the reflections on the water become. I love the hues of a sunset."

The Mayan Underworld

"In the Mayan culture, the afterlife was a physical space below the earth that could be accessed through cenotes and where the souls arrived to continue their journey to the next life cycle."

Land of Fire and Water

"I felt sadness at the end of the world, all because of its exotic invasive species, the beaver that cuts down trees. Yet, I couldn't stop feeling the magic of its white forests, its blue waters, its white ice, its green mountains." (VT)


"The dark background of the canvas gives way to a vertical description of colors that maintain their identity, but in a magical symbiosis intertwine in delicate forms that direct the intensity of the light to the center of the painting. The waves of the spatula create a sensation of dancing movement." (VT)

Lake in the forest

“Las ideas fluyen abstractas por la mente hasta que toman forma concreta y se expresan en palabras. De la misma forma, sobre el lienzo se expanden horizontal y verticalmente los colores, fluyen libres como los mismos pensamientos que no conocen que no conocen limites" (VT)


"Everyday life in motion, speed and stillness. Light and darkness. Routine and paradoxical reality." (VT)

Waving Flow

"A dynamic described in blue and black. Perspective that leads to a profound transformation in undulating and constant evolution." (VT)


“Explosion of yellow and red that impact visually. Swirls and ripples advance or remain static across the canvas in dramatic and intense emotional expression.” (VT)

Painting, Water Fall

The water from the waterfalls comes from the paramos, today there are few left and we must take care of them." 

Rappid Rivers

"The waters of the rivers and their rapids have lessons in our lives. We are unique and different, narrow or turbulent, wide or calm, transparent or turbid, silent or noisy, cold or temperate, and we are going downstream or afloat." 

The River of Seven Colors

Caño Cristales is a Colombian river located in the Serranía de la Macarena in the province of Meta. It has been called 'the river of the gods', 'the river of seven colors', 'the rainbow that melted' and even 'the most beautiful river in the world'." 


"The water from the waterfalls comes from the paramos, today there are few left and we must take care of them."

Water Stream

"Flowing with the rhythm of nature, 'Water Streams' captures the beauty and tranquility of life's constant motion." 

Beautiful Night Hummingbirds -2

"In the stillness of a beautiful night, hummingbirds dance with the stars, spreading joy with their delicate wings and filling the air with magic." 

Beautiful Night Hummingbirds 

"Hummingbirds have long been a symbol of wisdom and courage. They embody pure joy - sweet-seeking angels and messengers of beauty who remind us to taste the sweet nectar of life".

Infinitiy Blue Revolution Moments

"In the midst of infinity, there come revolution moments that shape our destiny. Let the boundless blue sky inspire us to embrace change and find new horizons."

Blue Revolution Hummingbird Nights

"Under the blue revolution hummingbird nights, nature's magic takes flight, filling our hearts with wonder and delight."

Delight Abstrack 

"Green and pink unite, in a canvas of pure delight.  A symphony of colors, dancing in perfect harmony, filling the world with love and serenity." 

Underneath The Sunset 

"Lost in the beauty of the sunset's golden glow, we found a love that will forever grow. Underneath she sunset, our hearts beat as one, with a love that shines brighter than the setting sun."

Colors of the Soul

"Colors of the soul, painted with love and grace, a canvas that reflects the beauty of our inner space. Let the hues and shades, guide you on a journey within, where the colors of your soul will dance and sing." 

Abstrakt Two Columns

"Surrounded by the canvas of red and yellow, two columns stand tall and serene, let the colors ignite your being and take you on an unstoppable journey."

Sunset on the beach

"As the sun sets on the beach, the palette comes alive, with strokes of orange, red, and gold, painting a breathtaking sight to behold."

Summer Evening 

"As the sun sets on a summer evening, nature paints a picture worth a thousand feelings."

Pink Effects 

"Let the pink effects wash over you, bringing joy and beauty to you life"

Space Bamboo’s

"Space bamboos stretch towards the stars, their graceful form and gentle scars. Witness the cosmic dance of nature's grand design, a truly divine experience for your heart and mind."

Lost Connection

"Sometimes we get tangled up in problems and lose the connection between ourselves and our beautiful planet Earth." 

Hummingbird Night Dreams 

"Through hummingbird night dreams, we see symbols of independence and liberation taking flight in the vast darkness of the universe, moving freely in any direction."

The Infinity of Moments

In the infinity of moments, we act automatically, speak without a filter, and let ourselves be carried away by reflexive acts of which we are not fully aware."  

Summer Evening 

"Summer Evening evokes a sense of tranquility, bringing peace to the soul."

Sunburst Cascade

"Sunburst Cascade, a golden dance of light and energy, illuminating the canvas with radiant vitality."

Chromatic Journey

"Embark on a Chromatic Journey, where the hues of red, blue, and yellow intertwine to create a vibrant symphony of color and emotion."

Planeth Earth Trace

"Traces from Planet Earth is a powerful reminder of our impact on the planet and a call to action for a sustainable future.

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